Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?

Our services include research, sourcing, negotiating and securing of properties. We are able to keep our services free to clients by negotiating a sales fee with vendors of the properties we decide to pursue for clients. After testing a number of varying models we found this approach the most accessible to our clients allowing the opportunity to make a calculated decision without being financially obligated. 

Where do you source your properties from?

Our research team takes a national approach when looking for potential opportunities. Upon finding areas that match our investment criteria we then approach sellers in the area to negotiate a deal on behalf of our clients. We work with trusted developers and builders that are operating in areas we deem to be of an investment grade.

Can you help me if I’m a first-time investor?

It doesn’t matter if you are a first time or veteran investor, our approach can deliver investment opportunities for anyone who is actively looking for property. Our network can provide you with the guidance and advice needed to succeed at every step of the journey.

How much do your properties cost?

Thanks to our scope and open approach to sourcing property we can cater to a variety of price ranges and objectives. We suggest speaking to your State Manager to get a clear understanding of what options are available to you before settling on a property type and price range.

What kind of income do I need to support an investment property?

The answer is case dependant. It will vary based on the size of your family, your existing assets and debts and the price of the property. Our initial consultations are designed so that your State Manager can sit down and assist you in working out your numbers, presenting your options and developing a strategy. Once you have a clear understanding of your position then you can determine whether or not your existing income is enough to support an investment property.