Who We Are

First and foremost, we are performance-focused direct selling agents. The Moneta Group philosophy is to take a collaborative approach to investing that analyses a client’s unique position and objectives to ensure they are recommended properties that will work for them. We have been able to craft our process and team so that we can consistently replicate our previous successes for our new clients. Our team's core objective is to help you succeed.

Our fee Structure

Moneta Group are Licensed Real Estate Agents, operating a direct selling business that caters to a wide range and diverse client base of investors. This means that the Moneta Group earns income the same way as a traditional Real Estate business. Our members are engaged to put in the work upfront to ensure they understand their clients, set relevant targets and execute on the briefing with all property recommendations that are presented to clients. One of Moneta Group's greatest strengths is that we put all the power in our clients hands. We are fully transparent with research and performance information prior to accepting a property, as well as providing a full overview of the properties performance information and how that relates back to a clients overall goals and financial outcomes.
Each property is independently assessed by the relevant financial institutions and of course valued by that institution's valuation panel, offering further peace of mind.  All incomes derived by the successful acquisition by our clients are fully disclosed in writing to clients prior to committing to the final purchases.