Our Approach

The Moneta Approach

The Investment Property industry plays space to many styles of approaches to investing in property.  Our model is designed and tailored to investors that are empowered to research our findings in location specific property options and make the final investment decisions on their own behalf without having to pay upfront fees before knowing what the final recommendation will be.

Our service is a fee free service, that only once a recommendation has been confirmed as acceptable by our client will there ever be fee’s rendered to Moneta Group.  All fees are disclosed in fee for each relevant transaction that is made.

As Selling Agents, we are paid directly by our vendors. This allows our clients complete control over their decision to purchase a property without any prior financial commitment as is required with traditional buyers agents. Any and all commissions are disclosed prior to the beginning of any transactions in a transparent and open process. Every business requires revenue to remain operational and continue to provide recommendations to investors. We however believe that the value of the property outcomes we provide stands above anyone else. The Moneta Group receives no further financial benefit from any of it's associated entities or partner services in the even such a recommendation is indeed required.

Consultative Analysis

Having a crystal clear understanding of our clients current financial position and objectives is paramount to ensuring consistent results that exceed expectations.

For this reason we begin every new client relationship with an in-depth analysis of current position and objectives which can then be used to build an appropriate strategy beginning with locating a suitable property that serves a specific objective.

Mentoring and Success Program

Any agency will happily take your money and hand you a property to buy. What puts Moneta ahead is a commitment to guide and educate our clients so that they can grow, along with their portfolio. Our team walks you through every stage of the investing process and works alongside with you to make sure every decision is with your best interest in mind.

Building a successful portfolio is dependant on having a clear objective in place that is back by a calculated strategic plan. By working with you closely and implementing our proven process we are confident we can make our clients’ wealth ambitions a reality.